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Extra Large Silver Foil Pouch 1.2kg Size - Fits 12 x 100g Pick & Mix Sweets

Empty (No Sweets)
Halloween Mix
Christmas Mix
Random Mix
Vegan Mix
Fizzy Mix
Jelly Mix
50 g
Fill this pouch with your own choice of sweets or select one of our mixes
Add 12 x 100g sweets to fill this pouch

Pick & Mix
Type: Silver Foil Pouch (Extra Large)
Weight: Empty
Quantity: 1


  • Empty packaging option for your Pick & Mix sweets
  • Fits 12 x 100g of sweets (1kg)
  • Made from plastic, with a clear viewing window
  • Resealable press and close strip
  • Will be heat sealed when filled with sweets
  • Approximately 29.5cm x 18cm x 9cm in size
  • Pick & Mix your favourite sweets to make your own mix
  • Add 12 x 100g sweets to this pouch from the available sweets or choose one of our random mixed sweets options shown from above
  • Halloween/Christmas mixes will include 4 x 300g sweets, all other mixes will include 6 x 200g sweets


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