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Christmas Snowman Jar 600g - Fits 6 x 100g Pick & Mix Sweets

Earn 1 Loyalty Points
Empty (No Sweets)
Random Christmas Mix
Pick Your Own Mix
50 g
Fill this jar with your own choice of sweets or select a random Christmas mix
Add 6 x 100g sweets to fill this jar

Pick & Mix
Type: Christmas Snowman Sweet Jar (Large)
Weight: Empty
Quantity: 1


  • Empty packaging option for your Pick & Mix sweets
  • Fits 6 x 100g of sweets (600g)
  • Made from plastic, with a screw top lid 
  • Approximately 23cm x 9cm x 9cm in size
  • Pick & Mix your favourite sweets to make your own mix
  • Add 6 x 100g sweets to this jar from the available sweets or choose our random Christmas sweets option

Choose the random sweets option and we will select 3 different Christmas sweets from our range (200g of each). Or you can choose the pick your own sweets option and choose your own sweet selections, you can have 600g all in one flavour if you prefer. 


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