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Our favourite chocolates including our best-selling fondant creams, liqueur chocolates and neapolitans in gift boxes, pouches and bags.

Christmas Chocolates
Christmas ChocolatesBonds of London, Kinnerton, Rose, Steenland and Whitakers branded Christmas themed and gifting chocolates
Fondants & Creams
Fondants & CreamsWhitakers branded fondant cream chocolates
Liqueur Chocolates
Liqueur ChocolatesAnthon Berg and Elizabeth Shaw Famous Names branded liqueur chocolates
Gift Boxes, Pouches & Bags
Gift Boxes, Pouches & BagsRose, Steenland and Whitakers branded chocolates in pouches, gift boxes and bags
Bars & Neapolitans
Bars & NeapolitansWhitakers branded neapolitan and other small chocolates
Easter Chocolates
Easter ChocolatesKingsway and Rose branded chocolates for Easter
Pralines, Truffles & Caramels
Pralines, Truffles & CaramelsAnthon Berg branded caramel liqueur chocolates
Marzipan Chocolates
Marzipan ChocolatesAnthon Berg branded marzipan liqueur chocolates