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Passion Fruit Non-Foaming Bath Salts - Bath Bubble & Beyond 300g

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300 g
Bath Bubble and Beyond 

Handmade by Bath Bubble and Beyond
Non-Foaming Bath Salts 300g

Passion Fruit


These easy to dissolve salts are fragranced with the juicy fruit smell of exotic passion fruits. Absolutely mouth-watering

Bath salts are a simple indulgence that contain minerals that are beneficial to the skin and they also make a perfect foot soak for tired and aching feet. Swirl a handful of salts under running water and allow to dissolve completely.

The water-softening properties of the bath salts, give the bathwater a smooth, milky quality, helping soap to lather to a rich cream. Their rich scent fills the air, perfumes the water and gently fragrances the skin. They add buoyancy in the water making them good for the relief of aches and pains from playing sports or after the gym.

  • Non-foaming bath salts
  • Also suitable for use in most hot tubs and spas, use sparingly
  • Size approximately 300g, enough for 4-5 baths
  • Handmade by Bath Bubble and Beyond in the UK
  • Other scents also available, as well as other bath products

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Chloride, Parfum, Aqua, CI 17200, CI 42090, Limonene.

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