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Mouse Mice Glue Trap - Kingfisher Pest Control - Poison Free, Safe & Easy (Pack of 2)

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20 g

Manufacturer: Kingfisher
Item: Mouse Glue Trap
Quantity: Pack of 2

An ideal solution for pesty problems

  • Pack of 2 pre baited glue sheets to capture unwanted visitors
  • Can be used either flat or folded into a tent
  • Place traps 2-3 metres apart where mice are likely to travel, best placed along walls and then wait
  • Check traps at least twice daily and then dispose of captured rodent quickly and humanely
  • Avoid placing traps in areas where there is a danger of children or pets coming into contact with them
  • In case of accidental contact with trap remove using vegertable oil and warm soapy water
  • Size approximately is 18cm x 13cm each
  • Quality pest control by Kingfisher
  • Also available in a larger size for rats
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