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Metal Kazoo Musical Instrument Toy House Of Marbles - Age 3 Plus

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House of Marbles
Metal Kazoo
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  • Metal kazoo for music making fun
  • Hum into the kazoo to make a vibrating noise (do not blow into it)
  • Musical instrument suitable for adults and children ages 3 plus
  • Can help children with sensory and learning difficulties
  • Approximately 12cm x 3cm x 3cm in size

How to play the kazoo

1. Hold the kazoo horizontally, the mouthpiece of the kazoo is the wider, flattened end.
2. Hum into the kazoo. To make sounds with your kazoo, youll need to hum into it, rather than blow because the humming creates the vibration that is needed to make it work. You should place your mouth on the kazoo as though it were a whistle.
3. To make slightly different types of sounds, try humming different syllables like do, who, brr, or rrr.
4. Create pitch with your humming. The kazoo has no frills so you create all of the pitches in a song with your mouth. Practise humming songs you like without the kazoo, first. Then, try humming them with your kazoos mouthpiece against your mouth.

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