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Citronella Incense Spirals 10 Pack Outdoor Living Sifcon International

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200 g

Sifcon International
10 Incense Spirals
Scent: Citronella
Quantity: 1

  • Pack of 10 citronella scented incense spirals
  • Hang outside or inside near an open window or door (string not included)
  • Also includes a small metal holder to place the incense spiral onto instead of hanging
  • Each of the incense rounds includes 2 incenses spirals, carefully pull them apart before use
  • Place a suitable dish or heat proof plate underneath the coil to catch the ash
  • Repel unwanted pests while enjoying warm summer evenings with the bright scent of citronella
  • The natural insect repellent keeps bugs at bay while gently fragrancing your outdoor space
  • Light the tip of the end of the coil until it flames, once the tip is glowing carefully blow it out
  • Each coil is approximately 10cm in size
  • Perfect for use in the garden, whilst camping or fishing
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