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Seed Bombs - Grow Your Own Plants & Herbs Cactus DuneCraft (1 Supplied)

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Butterfly & Bird Mixture
Shade Flowers Mix
Tasty Herb Mix
100 g

Tobar DuneCraft
Seed Bombs
Design: Butterfly & Bird Mixture, Shade Flowers Mix or Tasty Herb Mixture
Quantity: 1

Easy plant Seed Bombs that can be thrown, dropped or placed to grow

  • Six seed bombs per pack, all in your chosen variety
  • Clay and peat mix bombs that trap moisture and protect the seeds inside from birds, animals and other predator
  • Plants sprout within five days and continue to rapidly grow to cover roughly one square foot per bomb
  • Seed Bombs are so simple to use but produce incredible results in weeks.
  • Germinates in three to five days, and become great plants within six to eight weeks
  • Box is approximately 14cm x 10cm x 4cm in size

Tasty Herb Mixture: contains 6 herbs parsley, basil, oregano, sage, thyme and rosemary seeds
Shade Flowers Mix: contains an assortment of colourful flower seeds that can be cut when grown
Butterfly & Bird Mixture: contains an assortment of flower seeds that attract butterflies and hummingbirds to them
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