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Double Action Sports Pump For Inflating Footballs Balls Arm Bands Rubber Rings - 1 Supplied

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100 g
Double Action Sports Pumps
Quantity: 1

  • Dual action sports pump for inflating balls, footballs, arm bands, rubber rings etc
  • Available in an assortment of colours, 1 supplied at random
  • Approximately 19cm long
  • Includes needle for inflating balls and adapter for inflatables
  • Pump action with handle

The specially designed seamless piston pump is ideal for a more powerful and safer pump. The hose included is extremely useful in guarding against the potental of needles breaking inside the ball's valve.

Instructions: Assemble pump, hose and needle together, moisten needle with soapy water or lubricant such as vegetable oil. Insert needle into valve gently with a twisting motion. Pump with full and even strokes. When complete, remove needly gently by by grasping the knurled end of the hose. The extra parts included can be for inflation of objects such arm bands and rubber rings.

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